Klara Geist

Exclusive high-end mobile and stationary PA soundsystems. Handcrafted in Berlin. Designed with passion for detail. Highest quality components. Skillfully crafted. High-end audio performance. 
The official sound-outfitter for Bullitt Cargo Bikes. Professional Soundbike rental service. Branded promotion Soundbikes. Custom designs.

The Performer / Custom Model / 2009

Harry of the Copenhagen based cargo bike makers "Harry vs Larry" was looking for a unique eye-catching mind-blowing soundsystem to turn his Bullitt cargo bike into a soundbike like no other. To promote his cargo bikes he wanted to be sure to draw maximum attention to his ride when out in the streets of Copenhagen. Klara Geist custom designed a soundsystem in outrageous pink - dazzling! Superb sound quality and power while riding or mounted on stands for stationary use - a flexible and unique soundsystem for party loving human beeings.


Technical Data

Housing material: Wood (of layered plate materials)
Dimensions: 55 x 55 x 28 cm (each speaker)
Weight: ~ 30 kg (each speaker)
Frequency response: 60 – 20.000 Hz
Amplifier: 1 x Digital Amplifier (2 x 220 Watt / max. 115 dB SPL.)
Input: 1 x Line In (Player or Mixer) / 1 x 12 Volt (Charge)
Battery: sealed lead acid battery (~ 6 hours playback on max. volume)


Klara Geist / Lautsprechermanufaktur
Gartenstraße 90 / 17309 Pasewalk / Germany