Klara Geist

Exclusive high-end mobile and stationary PA soundsystems. Handcrafted in Berlin. Designed with passion for detail. Highest quality components. Skillfully crafted. High-end audio performance. 
The official sound-outfitter for Bullitt Cargo Bikes. Professional Soundbike rental service. Branded promotion Soundbikes. Custom designs.

The Evolution / Custom Model / 2011

The Evolution is our pet project. A Klara Geist showcase. Our objective: to design the ultimate soundbike-system. Subsequently only finest high-end components available were used constructing The Evolution. In addition we pursued a completly new design concept for this case study - it´s simple, brilliant and we felt it was about time and did it: speakers facing in driving direction concentrating sound for optimal performance on the road - and -  it works!  Supported by a forceful basshorn it floods the streets with elegantly balanced powerful sound. To adequately feed the system on the move we have opted for "The Colorfly Pocket Hfif C4" - the digital player for the audiophile is the perfect match for The Evolution. It ensures a quality audio signal allowing the system to unfold to it´s full potential.

Technical Data

Housing material: Wood (of layered plate materials)
Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 55 cm
Weight: ~ 45 kg
Frequency response: 60 – 20.000 Hz
Amplifier: 1 x Digital Amplifier (600 Watt / max. 115 dB SPL.)
Input: 1 x Line In (Player or Mixer) / 1 x 12 Volt (Charge)
Battery: Li- Ionen battery (~ 6 hours runtime on max. Volume)


Klara Geist / Lautsprechermanufaktur
Gartenstraße 90 / 17309 Pasewalk / Germany