Klara Geist

Exclusive high-end mobile and stationary PA soundsystems. Handcrafted in Berlin. Designed with passion for detail. Highest quality components. Skillfully crafted. High-end audio performance. 
The official sound-outfitter for Bullitt Cargo Bikes. Professional Soundbike rental service. Branded promotion Soundbikes. Custom designs.

Dub FX & ricoloop live at Klara Geist Showcase / 23 July 2013 Mauerpark Berlin

Our favorites Dub FX & ricoloop, street performers of international esteem, rocked the legendary amphi theatre at Mauerpark, Berlin - powered by Klara Geist - this is how we do it!

'...5 years ago i packed my bags and hit the streets of the world to play music in order to fund my travels. A friend off mine BD filmed me one day and put it on youtube which spawned a viral video & soon enough had me traveling to more and more places...' (Dub FX)

'..."ricoloop" is a "one-man-jam", exploring the entities of music in communication with himself as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter! A technical tool gives him the possibility to record as much layers or loops as he wants on top of each other, while using many different instruments (incl. his voice) to experiment with many different "worlmusicstyles"...' (ricoloop)



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Klara Geist / Lautsprecher Manufaktur
Danziger Strasse 143 / 10407 Berlin / Germany