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Colorfly C4 Pro

"...In 2010, Steven Wan and his team of acoustic fans from China combined the portable player with the HIFI stereo and created the first Pocket HIFI whose SNR is up to 108 dB and can play the audio files of 24 bit/192 KHz SR perfectly in the world.

The excellent 24bit/192kHz sound quality is largely due to the single HiFi DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter) that has been used inside the Pocket HiFi C4. Wan's team who designed the Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro decided to use the CIRRUS logic CS4398, a high-end chipset usually only found in top-of-the-range HiFi components. This DAC offers outstanding levels of performance with excellent dynamic range up to 120dB and the ability to decode 24bit/192kHz audio.

The traditional player used the signal chip whose main structure was made of MPU, DAC and earphone amplifier. This structure always processed the audio at the cost of great loss. This kind of voice sounded stiff, rigid and apathetic. It could make your ears feel tired, if you heard it for a long time. The internal structure of the Pocket HIFI player was much more complex than traditional MP3 player. In the Pocket HIFI player, the original audio must pass through 8 units from input to output for the sake of getting the perfect voice.

The outer casing material of the Pocket HIFI C4 player is made of the black walnut in North America. The black walnut had been called regius walnut. The pleasant vignette is formed by the clear, smooth glossy and wavelike grains and the clear annual ring. It provides each music fan a unique player. ..." (www.colorfly.eu)


The characters

Set the SRC manually



3.7 V battery, SNR up to 108 Db, THD lowers than 0.003%

The precision of 0805 resistance is up to 1% in the simulation

Black 3U PCB

3U Gilt RCA interface for SPDIF IN/OUT (top grade)

3U Gilt interface for 6.3mm earphone (top grade)

The rate of the Jitter is lower than 5ps.


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