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The Blaster / Serial Model / 2014

More than the sum of its Parts - the Blaster. Our most compact mobile PA.

Inspired by Boombox culture. Some of the most powerful cultural developments in contemporary music history can be traced back to the Ghetto Blasters and Boomboxes of the early '80s. Although their component parts tended to be rudimentary, and their housings made of plastic, a Ghetto Blaster or Boombox always had one great advantage: with batteries you could take it anywhere. The spirit underlying this way of living still informs our work today, which is why we decided to rethink, overhaul and reinvent the Blasters of our childhood.

The result is an ultra-compact high-end PA, built using only premium materials and componentry.

A full-service system reduced to its technological essentials. Its compact size and relatively low weight means the Blaster can be taken and used almost anywhere. And for those who rely on emissions-free transport, the Blaster fits easily to virtually any type of cargobike or bike rack for swift, safe transport.

It's perhaps the most versatile nano-PA system on the market, designed and built for use indoors or outdoors in both domestic and commercial environments. Its performance and look can be enjoyed at home, or you can turn it loose, then turn it up in any open air setting. The Blaster is robust, compact and powerful enough to use as a live mobile PA for internal company events, yacht and beach parties, or any form of outdoor promotional work.

Thanks to its own super-efficient internal power supply, the Blaster can be run unplugged at full capacity for many hours.


To achieve perfect reproduction, this system comes with high performance PA Coaxial loudspeaker chassis, which act as a point source and cause emission with no time lag.

So in the Blaster, we see a special technical relationship at work between high-end componentry and Klara Geist craftsmanship. The clean power supply, high-performance amplifier technology, and the chassis' efficiency are specifically chosen elements that meet within our housing's unique construction design to provide an added "Bass Reflex" when the Blaster is in active use.

Powerful Lithium ion battery technology provides high and clean symmetrical voltage at the output stages (see also in this regard our system for Radioeins).

EU produced, Class-D amplifiers of the highest quality. The 45 Watt Tweeter, along with a pair of 90 Watt bass pieces emit an extremely stable and distortion-free sound. Coaxial speakers manufactured in Germany to high-end pro standard ensure the efficiency of power channeling. The result is clarity and reproductive force of an astonishingly high level in a system of this size, with a desirably large inbuilt power reserve.

As we say, the Blaster takes its aesthetic cues from a look first developed in an iconic era for both Music and Design. But the technological advancements that have been made since that time allow us to expand the potential capabilities for a system of this size and weight. Which is why we can describe the Blaster not just as a home & garden accessory par excellence, but as a legitimate high-end, professional standard mobile Public Address system.

We are frequently asked which mobile players work best in unison with the capabilities of our PA's and sound systems. We would like to make the following recommendations.

Where possible, use a high-end mobile player.

A standardized Mp3 player can of course also be connected, but playback quality will not attain the full sound spectrum or intensity that our systems (the Blaster among them) are capable of.

We have tested several very high-quality mobile playback devices and are best satisfied with the Colorfly C4Pro.

A decisive argument for the C4Pro is its output jack for 6.3 mm. It may sound like a minor detail, but a larger jack allows for a substantially more powerful sound transfer to the speakers, which in turn is reflected in the distinctive dynamics in the sound. We would thus cordially advise anybody who chooses a Blaster for the purposes of frequent outdoor use to pick a player with this larger gauge output.


Technical Data

Housing material: Wood (of layered plate materials)
Dimensions: 66 x 38 x 30 cm
Weight: ~ 20 kg
Frequency response: 60 – 20.000 Hz
Amplifier: Class-D Amplifier (225 Watt / max. 110 dB SPL.)
Input: 1 x Line In (Player or Mixer) / 1 x 43 Volt (Charge)
Battery: Li- Ionen battery (~ 10 hours runtime on max. Volume)


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